Horse insurance

Horse insurance

We can provide full coverage for your horse, from its conception to its retirement, without any limit of value, no matter its use or where the horse is located in the world.

Basic insurance policy

  • All risks of mortality following disease and/or accident, with reimbursement of 100% of the insured value
  • Euthanasia for humane reasons
  • Theft
  • International transport, worldwide, by any way including air transit
  • Natural disasters, lightning, electrocution, drowning
  • Hospitalisation fees due to colic without any excess, whether the horse has been operated or not

Optional additional cover

  • Hospitalisation fees due to diseases and accidents
  • Rehabilitation fees: physiotherapy, swimming, osteopath…

Why choose us ?

At Catherine de Buyl Horse Insurance, we take pride to offer a full range of cover that our opponents aren’t able to offer you! Their weakness, our strength!
Some examples:

No waiting period for death, euthanasia or medical claims: as soon as the horse is insured, the cover incepts and is effective!

Wobbler syndrome, tendinitis, degenerative joint disease are covered

Risk of death during a surgery performed to prevent a future lameness? Covered for free under your annual insurance

Stable fees at the clinic? Automatically reimbursed

Your horse is going abroad? He’s covered worldwide, safe travels!

MRI, X-Rays, Tildren reimbursed under the hospitalisation cover

Your horse has already had colic? No problem, we can still insure him

You had several claims with us: we still insure your horses at renewal!

And not to forget a team of horse lovers, 100% dedicated to the job and clients, with a 24/7 line for emergency calls!

Interested? Talk to an expert.

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